Monday, September 17, 2012

Why are Muslims so Serious About Their Prophet?

Tulisan bagus ... dan bahasa Inggris. Cuocok dikasih ke bule kalau mau mengerti perspektif kita sebagai muslim.

One of the most bewildering things for non-Muslims, especially in the West, is the utter less than zero tolerance of Muslims for anything that could be deemed as disrespectful towards the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. What makes it more puzzling is the generally somber reaction a non-Muslim would receive if they made fun of a Muslim’s background or heritage when it’s taken in relation to the reaction received when it’s about the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. In a culture where nothing is sacred, and everything is open game to be ridiculed, the permissibility of all of which falls under the banner of freedom of expression, the “extreme” Muslim reaction to any derogatory remarks about the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is difficult to comprehend.

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