Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Masih seputar bersepeda ...

it's flying ....

Salah satu alasan saya bersepeda yang belum sempat diceritakan di tulisan sebelumnya adalah mencoba menjalankan petuah Jeffrey J Fox dalam bukunya yang berjudul How to Become CEO. Berikut kutipannya ...

Keep Physically Fit

Your brain will make you money, but your body carriers your brain. The better your physical condition, the greater your capacity for productive, unrelenting work.

And being in good condition gives you another edge. Ninety percent of all people climbing the corporate ladder are out of shape. You will be able to start earlier, pause less often, and end your day with a wind sprint.

You will also sleep better. You will be energetic and tire rarely. Your spirits will be up, and you will not get depressed.

You will have the energy and motivation to – at night and on weekends – coach soccer, attend the theater, volunteer.

How you keep fit is up to you.

Do Something Hard and Lonely

Regularly practice something Spartan and individualistic. Do something that you know very few people are willing to do. This will give you a feeling of toughness, a certain self-elitism. It will mentally prepare you for the battle of business.

Something that is hard and lonely is studying late at night for a graduate degree in fashion design, especially in the winter, when everyone else is asleep. Or running long, slow distances early in the morning (versus jogging at lunchtime with a mob).

Split wood, write, work in the garden, read King Lear, but do it by yourself. Do something that is solitary.

All great and successful athletes remember the endless hours of seemingly unrewarded toil. So do corporate president.


Tatz said...

wah..bang Zuki ikut komunitas bike to work dong...salut..

zee said...

wah ini salah satu persiapan jadi ceo ya pak? :-)

zuki said...

@zee: bukan persiapan sih ... mungkin lebih tepat selalu berusaha memperbaiki diri untuk menjadi lebih baik ... :)

ely meyer said...

walaupun saat ini hujan terus di tempat kami, acara pit2 an masih tetap berjalan, di bawah gerimis hujan, seger sekali!