Friday, December 07, 2007



what do you feel to be in a open field
wind blows gently while the sun bashful
hides behind the clouds
bushes, weeds, grass, here and there
and horses follow you around

they all need to be touched by your hand,
by your heart
they all want to be loved
just like you

an afternoon in a open field
love, care, the beauty of nature
surrounds you, adore you
makes you feel complete
makes you alive

life is full of love
and yet beautiful

a poem to my beautiful wife


melati said...

cut cuyyy:)

Diah said...

fotonya cantik, bang. puisinya juga.

Vaye said...

ikutan melati ah, suit suwiiiiwwwwww :)

Diana said...

Waaaah, para 'penonton' kok huebbooh begini?? Say, hati2 didemo trus jgn2 ngambek berkunjung, hehe... Piss ah... (Gubrax kata Mbak Vaye!)