Monday, December 03, 2007

when we're still young ...

when we're still young ...

It's a hot day here in fallen palaces, Banten
we wear hat, we sweat, we drink
we use umbrella, we take shelter
it's a hot day here, in Banten ... at fallen palaces

But to these boys, it was an ordinary day
they play, they smile, they laugh
fallen palaces on a hot day
their playground

They make me remember
of the old days
I still young

Now I might be like
the fallen palaces
old, broken, pieces
and can't stand the heat of hot days

1 comment:

dewi said...

bener banget mas, kadang teraneh sendiri, kok bisa ya? kenapa sekarang gak bisa?...jadi pengen balik lagi ke masa itu